At Bake Extra Cookies, we serve up hot, fresh ads that result in dozens of new leases for your apartment community. We like to focus on what works best: traditional, non-template looking Craigslist ads.

Did you know?

We can substantially lower your cost-per-lease.

  • Traditional print & internet

    average $ 850

  • Bake Extra Cookies

    as little as $ 10

" is easy to use and the best way to post apartment rental ads" Troy Jonas Equinix Developers

How does it work?

Our team of experts has identified the key elements needed to create successful dynamic ads for your community. All you have to do is enter your leasing information, confirm your community's amenities, and upload your photos and floor plans. It's that easy!

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    You enter your leasing information.

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    We create multiple, dynamic ads.

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    Approved ads are posted to craigslist.

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    Monitor your ad performance.

How it Works Sample Ad