Bake Extra Cookies - Get leases by the dozen

Fresh Craigslist ads that generate new leases.

At Bake Extra Cookies, we serve up hot, fresh ads that result in dozens of new leases for your apartment community.

Using is like having a personal assistant solely focused on helping you post your Craigslist ads
Rosemary Medieros / Leasing Consultant, Pan Mass Properties

Cookies are generally a sign of something good. In multifamily, we know having to put out extra cookies in the leasing office is the sign of a busy day. Studies have not been done, but we're pretty sure there is a direct correlation between the number of cookies gobbled and signed leases.

At Bake Extra Cookies, we don't make cookies. We make the Craigslist ads that direct people to your great community. We make it easy to post by creating your ad for you, then sending a simple link for you to click on. Posting has never been easier when you use Bake Extra Cookies. The days of ugly templates and copy/pasting your info to create your ad are over. Behind the scenes we create and manage all of your content and posting schedule to increase your posting effectiveness and significantly decrease the likelihood you encounter any issues.

Your time is important and we want help you spend it on more important matters like helping residents and leasing apartments. Don't get us wrong - posting on Craigslist is really important. Multifamily communities we work with across the country all report Craigslist as one of their top sources of leads and leases - year in and year out. If you post great ads, consistently, you too will see leases by the dozen.

Since 2009, we've specialized in Craigslist only. We don't offer any other services like websites or social media campaign management. Our team of experts focus on supporting your posting needs and monitoring Craigslist changes and trends. Fun fact: we don't have a sales team. If you'd like to get service going contact our Founder, Carly.

Are you a current BEC user needing help? Contact our support team. Do you like cookies? Tell us about it and we'll send you some!